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    Summer sneaker inspo


    From left to right: 1. here /2.  here/ 3. here / 4. here / 5. here / 6. here/ 7. here/ 8. here / 9. Sold out / 10. here / 11. here


    Hey guys! I was looking around on Asos today and found so many cool sneakers so I thought I’d make a little spring/summer sneaker inspo post! As you can see I love white or pastel sneakers, I’m not really into too colorful shoes, I bought a pair of bright pink Adidas superstars a while ago and I think I’ve worn them twice haha, so from now on I mostly stick to neutral tones. I think these are super easy to match and I have so many outfits on my mind already, nice sneakers can make even the simplest outfit look super cute – tanned skin, levi’s shorts, a crop top and one of these sneakers above. Yes girl! I’m definitely a sneaker girl. I have soo many sneakers and like 4 pairs of heels that I wear. I think two things that I have the most of are jackets and sneakers.
    By the way I saw @Skopljak yesterday! At first I saw that she went to eat to my father’s restaurant with her boyfriend but I couldn’t go there at that time. Later I went to buy some snacks and saw them in the store and I gave her a big hug, she was so nice ♥︎ I think it’s so cool to meet people from social media in real life 🙂 Time for bed now! Goodnight xx




    Spring faves from NLY


    Bodysuit – here / Sweater dress – here / T-shirt – here / Mesh top here / Lace up boots here / Bag – here / Timberlands – here / Bralette – here

    Hey guys! I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve been super tired the past two days. I just got home, I met up with my friend Eliza, we had dinner and checked out some hops. Was super nice 🙂 on my way home I went through a grocery shop to buy some smoothie stuff hoping to get some energy from that. I’m now in Marleen’s room (it’s so cozy in here) under a big blanket blogging and drinking my smoothie. I’m finishing off this post and then I’m going to edit some photos we took today! I’m obsessed with editing photos lately haha, I really like it. 
    Anyways here are some faves from Nelly! I’m thinking about ordering most of the stuff (well I’m trying to stop myself, but.. it’s hard) that mesh top would look so good with the bralette under (btw how gorgeous is the model, I’ve been seeing here everywhere lately and I always want to buy whatever she models haha), and I was thinking about buying the ellesse t-shirt in XL size and then pair it with Timberlands. I guess it’s time to finally buy the grey Timb’s I’ve been eyeing these for so long. And they’re on sale 😉 I also absolutely need that bag, the color is perfect for summer and it looks a lot like an actual Chanel bag! And the shiny lace up boots – I think these are so in right now and would look really nice either with a dress or shorts. I hope you like my picks, I’ll start editing photos now! Have a good night 🙂 x

    Nastygal favourites



    Jacket – here / Vest – here / Denim shorts – here/ t-shirt – here / Velvet bag – here / Sweatshirt – here

    Hey guys! I thought I’d introduce you to one of my favourite online shops. I’ve been on Nastygal’s site probably over 100 times because I love their stuff, but never ordered anything because they used to ship from USA and I aint got time for custom taxes & expensive return costs. But now they are shipping from Europe which means no taxes (just choose EU on the site). And I’m super excited. They also offer free shipping and currently have 40% everything on site. I’m definitely gonna shop! 🙂 I’m not sure about the quality because I’ve never ordered from them before but I’m excited to find out. Happy shopping! x



    Dream bag x3

    I’m not a designer clothes kinda girl, I could forever wear Zara and H&M (at least that’s how I feel right now) but I have a thing for designer bags. Like every fashion blogger out there haha, of course. I wish I could be different but no. There’s just something about finishing off an outfit with a nice bag. So I thought I’d make a post about three of my dream bags, I wish I could purchase all of them but at the moment I prefer investing in memories and experiences which for me is traveling. So I keep dreaming, but one day for sure.

    Dream bag


    Let’s start this off with a Gucci Marmont bag in velvet, I’ve seen this bag on probably every fashion blogger out there, but there’s something so classy and special about it. I’d love this bag either in turquoise or black. Velvet and gold details is just perfection. I can already imagine so many outfits in my head with this bag. Dream!
    Dream bag 3


    Next is a Givenchy bag, either in black or nude. With gold details. A classy everyday bag that could fit my lap-top. I prefer smaller bags, but one bigger bag that fits everything is a must. I love the simple style, structure and small details. Great travel/airport bag as well.

    Dream bag 2


    This is the first designer bag I’ll buy, I’ve been dreaming of this bag for two years now. I would seriously wear it every single day and I feel like it would match all my outfits. I love small backpacks, it’s my thing. This bag is my thing. Need. But it’s ridiculously expensive for such a small bag (I think it was €1600 when I last checked). 
    I hope you guys liked this kind of a post!  x